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ACCUPLACER Placement Testing at SC4

Students enrolling at St. Clair County Community College (SC4) are required to complete placement tests at the college or submit prior test scores before registering for English and math classes. SC4 uses the ACCUPLACER placement test. Blue Water Middle College students enroll before they have taken the SAT, and will likely need to take the ACCUPLACER to place into ENG 101 or MTH 104 or higher.


ACCUPLACER tests make sure you get placed in classes that are right for you, so you don’t waste time or money taking courses you don’t need. Colleges use ACCUPLACER to assess your skill levels in reading, writing, and math to determine if you’re ready to take courses that will earn you credits at that school. If you show proficiency in a subject, you won’t have to take developmental courses and can start earning credits right away that count toward a degree or certificate.