SC4 Email via Office 365

Accessing SC4 email via Microsoft Office 365

Effective immediately, all SC4 students must access their SC4 email in Microsoft Outlook which is an Office 365 application.  As of now, there is not a direct link to your email account on the SC4 portal home page.  Please take one or more of the following actions to access your SC4 email as soon as possible, so you do not miss any emails sent from the the college, one of your SC4 instructors, or one of the Blue Water Middle College Academy staff members.

Access Office 365 and Outlook from SC4 portal

  1. Log in to your SC4 portal.
  2. In the "Bookmarks" section of the page find the "Microsoft Office 365" link and click it.
  3. Enter your complete SC4 username including the domain (
  4. Enter your SC4 password.
  5. You will then see your Office 365 Dashboard page with links to a variety of Office 365 applications.
  6. Click on the "Outlook" icon at the upper left.
  7. You will be asked to confirm your language and time zone preference and then be taken to your email home page, which should look relatively familiar to you.
  8. You can read and send email from that page.

Linking directly to your Office 365 dashboard

You can link directly to your Office 365 dashboard without first logging into your SC4 portal by following this link:  You can save the link as one of your favorites or bookmarks to make it one click away.

Forwarding SC4 email to a personal email account

SC4 email can be forwarded to a personal email account, such as yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.  If you are already having your SC4 email forwarded to a personal account, it should continue to be forwarded based on how you set it up.  If you have not had your SC4 email forwarded to another account and want to, the steps are below.

Here is how to forward SC4 mail to a personal account:

1.  Login to you SC4 Outlook email account.
2.  Click on the Gear icon at the upper right to access your Settings.
3.  Scroll down to the very bottom right of your screen to the "App Settings" and choose "Mail".
4.  On the left side of your screen you will see a "Forwarding" option.  Click it.
5.  Enter the personal email address you want your SC4 mail to be forwarded to and click the box to "Keep copy of forwarded messages."

Save the settings change.  It is a good idea to test the forwarding by sending an email to yourself at your SC4 email address from your personal address.  The new message should show up in your personal email account after being forwarded from your SC4 account.

Keep in mind:  If you forward your SC4 email to your personal account, be careful that important college and middle college messages do not get lost in dozens or hundreds of less important messages that might come into your gmail or yahoo accounts in the course of a week.  If you think you are likely to miss new SC4 email in your personal account, consider the next option.

Use Microsoft Outlook app on your phone to access email

You can easily access your SC4 email on your phone by downloading the Microsoft Outlook app.  Login with your SC4 username and password, and you will be able to easily see when you get new messages and read them quickly on your phone.

Note:  If you had linked your SC4 account directly to your phone's email application, you will not be able to get SC4 email under the new Office 365 system unless you set up a new email account.

BWMC staff members have the directions for doing so, but it is a bit too complicated to post on this site right now.  See one of us for help, if you want to add your SC4 Outlook email account to your phone's general email application.