Password Reset Steps

If you are unable to login to your portal, canvas, or your SC4 email account, follow all of the following steps very carefully.  If you are still unable to login or have questions during this process, call the SC4 student helpdesk at 810-989-5858.

1. Go to SC4's homepage at, and then in the search field please type in "password reset" and enter.

2. Select the "Password reset" link at the top.

3. At the reset page, you will see three blue box links in the middle of page, select "Register your account".

4. At this Microsoft page, type in your full SC4 student email.  Example "[email protected]".

5. Type in your password (we notice some students get errors here). I believe it should be your most recent portal password.  If that does not work, try the last 6 digits of your social security number.

 6. If all is entered correctly, you will see a "Don't lose access" page now. 

7. Please select one of the authentication options (cell phone #, email address, etc.) and click "Finish".

8. Go back to the password reset page (with the three blue box links), but now select the "Change your password".

9. Type in your current password and then create a new one. You will get a "successfully changed" message.  New password must contain 8 or more characters; at least one Upper and one lower case letter; at least one number, and at least one special character.

(If you get message about password not being strong enough, call the SC4 Student Helpdesk at 810-989-5858.  They will need to reset your password.)

10. After that is finished, close your browser, and the attempt to sign into portal.