13th Grade Sessions

The page contains summaries and related resources for Success Sessions presented to grade 13 students.  Students who did not attend the session in person are required to view the video summaries and complete the assignments listed below the video.  Students who attended the sessions can view the videos to refresh their memory of what was covered in the session.  Those students do not need to complete the related assignments.

Success Session 1 - August 24 and September 28, 2018

Success Session 1 for 13th grade (final year) middle college students included the topics:

  • New and announcements 

  • Achieving your BWMC and SC4 goals:  Knowing what you need to earn your high school diploma and an SC4 associate degree by the end of the school year

  • Completing classes to complete your degree

  • Changes in the course withdrawal process

  • Next steps (after the middle college):

    • Career research and job resources for SC4 students

    • The college application process:

      • Identifying colleges/universities to apply to

      • The application

      • Apply as a "Freshman" or "Transfer student"?

      • Requesting your high school and college transcripts

      • You've been accepted!  Now what?

      • Demonstration of applying to Western Michigan University

Students who did not attend Session 1 are required to view the video below and complete and submit the related assignment posted below the video.  The assignments are designed to be sure that all BWMC students are presented the information at each Success Session and can put the information to use.

Note: We recommend choosing to view the video Full Screen by clicking the small box in the lower right corner of the video frame.

Assignment for Success Session 1

Only students who did not attend the session in person must submit the assignment.

Directions: Email your responses to the questions below to Ms. Whymer at [email protected]  

1. Completing courses = completing your degree.  

A.  What is the main reason students do not earn their associate degree when they graduate from the middle college?

B.  List 3 reasons not to withdraw from a class.

C.  What should you do if you are struggling in a class and think you might not pass it?

2.  Applying to college.

A.  Do middle college students apply to universities as a "freshman" or as a "transfer student"?

B.  What do you enter as your high school on a college application?

3.  Transcripts.

A.  What website do you use to order your high school transcript?

B.  How do you order your SC4 (college) transcript?

C.  Does it cost anything to have your high school or college transcript sent to a new college?

4.  Winter registration.

A.  When does winter registration open at SC4?

B.  When should you be able to view available courses and sections for winter semester in your SC4 Service Center?