11th Grade Sessions

On this page, you will find summaries of what was presented at each success session.  Students who did not attend the session in person must view the video summary and submit the assignment as described below each video. 

Information presented at each session is very important to the success of middle college students.  BWMC are required to attend each session or view the summary and complete the makeup assignment.

Success Session 1 - September 14, 2018

The first Success Session for new middle college students included the following:

  • New and announcements 

  • Discussion of the differences students have observed between college courses and high school over the first few weeks of the semester.

  • What to do when you are facing difficulties in one or more of your classes.

  • Learning to calculate course grades at any point during the semester.  Students were provided with two different grading systems instructors may use and a process for calculating their grades for each method.

  • A technology checkup:  Logging into your Chromebook, SC4 portal, SC4 email, and Canvas.

  • First steps in planning your college program of study

Students who did not attend Session 1 are required to view the video below and complete and submit the related assignment posted below the video.  The assignments are designed to be sure that all BWMC students are presented the information at each Success Session and can put the information to use.

Note: We recommend choosing to view the video Full Screen by clicking the small box in the lower right corner of the video frame.

Assignment for Success Session 1

Only students who did not attend the session in person must submit the assignment.

Directions: Email your responses to questions 1 - 4 to Ms. Whymer at [email protected] 

1. Grade calculations.  Using the examples demonstrated in the video to learn how to calculate the students' grades below based on the information provided for each type of grading system.  
(You do not need to show your work.  Just send your answer to each question: 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d.)

Grade Scenario 1: Weighted Percentages

Rachel’s Earth Science instructor has a grading scale based on weighted percentages. Attendance is worth 20% of the final grade, Lab Assignments are worth 30%, and Exams are worth 50%.

As of today, with three weeks done, Rachel has been present at 2 of the 5 class meetings, and received a 50% on the one lab assignment. But then she did pretty well on the first exam, and earned an 80%. a)  What is her current grade percent?

Grade Scenario 2: Point System

Sam’s History instructor bases his grading scale on a point system, with each grade being worth a certain number of points. The total for the whole semester is 600 points, with the following breakdown:

Journal Entries 15 entries x 10 points each
Attendance 30 classes x 5 points each
Essays 5 essays x 50 points each
Final Exam 1 final x 50 points

As of today, with four weeks done, Sam’s class has had 4 journal entries, 8 class meetings, and 1 essay.  b)  How many possible points could he have earned?

Sam was present for 6 of the 8 class meetings, received 6, 9, 5, and 7 points on each of the four journal entries, and then received a 43 out of 50 on the one essay. c)  How many total points has he earned, and d)  what is his current grade percent?

2.  Differences between high school and college.  
Submit your responses to the following three questions, which were discussed at the session.

a.  What are some of the early differences you are observing between high school and college classes?

b.  How are the expectations of your college instructors different?

c.  What types of things are you being assigned? How are you tackling them?

3.  Tutoring.  SC4's tutoring schedule is online.  You can see exactly which tutors can help with what classes and when they are available.  Describe how to view the Tutoring Schedule.

4.  Important Dates.  List two important dates coming up this semester that you should be aware of and explain why they are important.