Parking at SC4

There are plenty of options for parking at SC4, however it can be difficult to find a spot at certain times of the year or day.  Here is some information and tips to take the stress out of parking and getting to class.

All main lots on SC4's campus are open to parking by students.  There is no cost and you do not need a permit.  These lots are marked with an "A" on the campus map linked to below.

Link to campus map with parking options

SC4 Map with parking lots noted

McMorran Lot Option

One of the closest parking lots to most SC4 buildings is the city lot just north of SC4's Fieldhouse.  The "McMorran" lot, as it is known, will almost always have open spots available.  However, it is not free.  An annual pass that allows SC4 students access to the lot for the entire year costs $50.  That comes out to about $1.50 a week for the peace of mind that you will always have a spot to park you car that is not very far from most SC4 buildings.

Here is how to get the annual pass for the McMorran lot:

  1. Go to the McMorran Arena box office (off of McMorran Blvd.) to pick up and/or fill out a parking application.

  2. Return the application along with the $50 annual fee to the McMorran box office.

  3. You must bring your SC4 student ID and your driver's license when you turn in the application.

  4. You will receive a card that will let you out of the lot at no cost for the rest of the school year.

Note:  The McMorran lot is a municipal parking lot, not an SC4 lot.

Tips:  It doesn't always pay to spend time trying to find a spot close to your class.  There are usually open spots is the section of the main lot close to the Acheson Technology Center building, especially near the corner of Glenwood and Stone.  Yes, you have to walk another couple of minutes, but you will be sitting again soon enough and you will probably get to class the same time you would if you circled searching for the perfect spot, probably sooner!

Also, please drive slowly in the lots and watch out for the other guy.  You do not want to cause or be involved in a fender bender or accidentally hitting a fellow Skipper student.

Finally, remember that SC4's campus patrol officers are available to help if have a problem in one of the SC4 lots (dead battery, out of gas, locks frozen, etc.).  Just give them a call at 810-989-5757, and someone will be there soon to give you a hand.