Developmental Education Courses

Colleges require students to take Developmental Education (DE) courses to bring their skills in reading, writing, or math up to levels where they can succeed in a regular "credit-bearing" college course.  Credits earned for a DE course do not count toward the total credit hours required for a degree.

A student's score on their placement tests place them either into a "credit bearing" course or a "developmental education" course.  DE courses are those with a course number lower than 100.  At SC4 they include:

RD 050 (Intro to College Reading I)
ENG 050 (Basic Skills - College Writing)
ENG 075 (Basis Writing Skills II)
MTH 075 (Pre-Algebra)
MTH 081 (Math Literacy)
MTH 082 (Elementary Algebra)

Students may need the extra help learning or refreshing the skills needed to succeed in regular college courses.  Developmental courses are appropriate and necessary for them to take.  However, often students place into a DE course due to a poor performance on the placement test and end up doing much better when they retake the test.  It is worth retaking the placement test(s) at least once to try to place out of a developmental course unless the student is certain they want or need the extra help.

High Schools, including early and middle colleges, cannot pay tuition for developmental courses.  If a Blue Water Middle College student is required or chooses to take a developmental education course, the student is responsible for paying tuition and fees for the course(s).