Planning for your degree

Planning for your degree

Program of Study

Earning a college degree requires planning.  Each student must develop their own plan based on their academic and career goals.  Their plan or Program of Study should include all of the classes required for their degree and other classes that may be taken to transfer to a future university, fulfill a necessary prerequisite, or simply because of interest or enjoyment.

Most Blue Water Middle College students have 6 semesters to complete their associate degree.  Below are links to a template students can use to plan their Program of Study.  Students should update their Program of Study each semester so they can clearly see what courses they need to complete their degree and know where they are on the path to their degree.  The files below are in PDF format, for easy printing, and in MS Word format, for students who want to be able to save and edit their Program on a computer.

Program of Study templete (PDF)
Program of Study template (MS Word doc)

Program of Study template image

Choosing classes

The Program of Study helps students see the path ahead of them to earn their degree.  Each semester students must choose a few classes to move them forward on that path.  Their are several things students should consider when choosing classes during registration, but knowing the specific requirements for their degree is probably the main consideration.

5 Things to Consider when choosing SC4 classes

  1. The requirements for your degree

  2. Transferability of the class to future universities

  3. Pre-requisites for future classes you need or want

  4. High school graduation requirements you need to complete with an SC4 class

  5. Enjoyment of or interest in the class
The above considerations are explained in detail for 11th and 12th graders during a fall Success Session.  Requirements common to all SC4 degrees and an overview of the requirements specific to each individual degree are presented at that session.

The new Service Center component in SC4's student portal includes great tools for seeing exactly what courses are needed to complete your current program of student; i.e., Associate of Arts, Associate or Science, Associate of Criminal Justice, etc.  Video #2 on the "SC4 Registration" web page demonstrates how to use the planning tools in the Service Center.

Planning Documents and Tools

Paper worksheets to help students track their progress for the transfer degrees (Arts, Science, and General Education) are often used by BWMC staff when advising students.  

The page linked to below will bring you to a list of many tools to help you plan your path to an SC4 associate degree.  You will find graduation worksheets for the three main transfer associate degrees (Arts, Science, and General Education), a planning tool for the Michigan Transfer Agreement, an SC4 Course Chooser tool, a document to help you keep track of what SC4 courses transfer to various colleges you are interested in, and much more.  Most are PDF documents.  If you would like any of the PDF files sent to you in MS Word format, please contact one of the BWMC staff.

Planning Documents and Tools