Online Orientation

Students who do not attend the face-to-face new student orientations must view all of the videos below in their entirety before the start of St. Clair County Community College's (SC4) fall semester. 

Taking a break in between them is probably a good idea.  Each one presents information on a different topic designed to motivate you to do well, explain the wide variety of supports available to our students, learn specific tips on how to do succeed in college courses, and more.

Some of the handouts discussed in the videos are posted below.  You will also get a hard copy of those and a few more in your orientation folder when you pick up your textbooks and BWMC Chromebook.  Other information may be emailed to you or your parents.

Video:  Orientation welcome and SC4 Overview

The following video provides a brief overview of what is covered during orientation and an overview of SC4 and what it offers in the way of support, services, fun opportunities, and some rules and grade information.

Note:  View the videos in full screen mode to make the words on the slides easier to see.

Video:  Orientation welcome and SC4 Overview

The following video addresses the importance of succeeding in college and completing a degree.  It also provides an overview of middle colleges, in general, and the BWMC, in particular, and how it supports students in achieving their goal of graduating with a college degree.

Video:  Orientation welcome and SC4 Overview

The following video focuses on what it means to succeed in college and what the middle college does to help you succeed.  There is are also tips for your first days in class and information on safety procedures at SC4 in the fall.


The following documents were provided at orientation.  You will receive them when you get your orientation folder with your textbooks and Chromebook, but you can open and view them from here at any time.

Expectations for Blue Water Middle College students

This document explains expectations for behavior for students who are now attending two or three different schools.

Staying Safe as a Blue Water Middle College Student

Information on the BWMC's policy on bullying and cyberbullying and how to report incidents of bullying and other dangerous behaviors.  It includes instruction on how to access Michigan's Ok2Say reporting website.

Information on Free and Reduced Lunch qualification and benefits

This letter explains the income guidelines for students to qualify for free and reduced lunch in the 2020 - 2021 school year and the benefits that might be available to students who qualify in addition to free and reduced lunch.  A link to the application is in the letter.

Interactive SC4 Map

Above is a link to a PDF map of SC4's campus.  Students should locate the building their fall class(es) is in.