Meeting Notices

Addressing Blue Water Middle College Board of Education members

To address board members during the public comment section of the agenda, or if you would like to contact board members before the school board meeting starts, to provide input or ask questions on any business that will come before the board, please contact BWMC Director Matt Ruiz at 810-989-5800 or email [email protected].

Rules for addressing the Board

1. Before addressing the Board, a visitor desiring to address the Board shall identify him/herself and the topic he/she desires to discuss before the Board.

2. The Board President may decide to hear the person at the time the person is recognized or to delay the person’s address to a later time in the meeting.  Each speaker’s remarks are limited to three minutes.

3. The Board President, at his/her discretion to utilize Board time wisely, may require groups with the same special interest to appoint a spokesperson.

4. If it appears that the matter which the visitor wishes the Board to consider will consume an amount of time the Board feels cannot be spared at the Board meeting, the Board President shall invite the visitor to return at the next regular meeting of the Board; or if the matter is of great importance, the Board may schedule a special meeting or special hearing for the matter to be presented to the Board.

5. All visitor groups of more than five (5) persons who desire to address the Board must deliver advance written notice to the Board office of their intent to attend the Board meeting and to address the Board so necessary accommodations can be made.

6. If a visitor desires to address the Board at a meeting on an item that is not part of the Board agenda for that meeting, the visitor must deliver advance written notice to the Board office requesting that the item be placed on the Board agenda.

7. A visitor will not be allowed to address the Board on an item scheduled for closed session unless the Board anticipates taking formal action on the topic to be covered in closed session.

8. If, at any time, it reasonably appears to the President that the visitor making an address is, by him/herself or in complicity with others, attempting to obfuscate, delay, or otherwise interfere with the legitimate objectives of the Board, the President may terminate the visitor’s address.

9. The Board President will read the following instructions prior to public comments at the meeting:

“The audience has the opportunity to address the Board at this time on agenda items only.  Please direct your comments to the Board as a whole. Comments become part of public record.  Speakers are cautioned not to use names of individuals, especially students.  Any documentation or items a speaker wishes to share with the board should be given to the recording secretary of the board, who will distribute the materials to board members after the board meeting.  While addressing the Board of Education, you have three minutes for your remarks.”

Technology assistance available

If you need technology assistance to view the meeting, please contact Matt Ruiz, BWMC Director, at 810-989-5800 or by email at [email protected] prior to the meeting. 

Accommodations for people with disabilities

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should contact Matt Ruiz, director at [email protected] in advance to request visual, hearing, or other assistance. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities.



Posted:  July 29, 2020