An Interview with the Director

Dateline Schools Interview with BWMC director, Matt Ruiz

In January 2022, St. Clair County RESA's Terry Harrington talked with Matt Ruiz about the Blue Water Middle College in a series of short interview segments.  View some or all of them to get an idea of what the middle college is and whether it might be right for you.  

Segment 1:
It's the time of year (January 1 - March 31) to enroll in the BWMC. In order to be a BWMC student, students must begin their 11th grade year as an BWMC student. 


Segment 2:
The BWMC provides an opportunity for high school students to take college classes and earn an associate degree (for FREE!) while still in high school and have ample support from BWMC staff while doing it. Students can still participate in all of the high school extracurriculars like sports, band, prom, etc. They can also participate in their high school graduation ceremony.

Segment 3
There are no academic requirements - like minimum test scores or minimum GPA - for students to join BWMC. It is good to remember though that BWMC students take real SC4 classes. Students from all academic levels and all walks or life can join the BWMC and succeed.

Segment 4:
The BWMC partners with Algonac, Capac, Memphis, Port Huron, Port Huron Northern and Yale high schools as well as the Virtual Learning Academy. We're back to being able to visit and present in schools this year (2021-22) and are recruiting current sophomores. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.  


Segment 5:
BWMC students have access to the entire SC4 catalog, meaning they are able to take any SC4 class. We have some students who know what career path they are on and some do not. We have students who end up going straight into the workforce after they complete this program and some that go onto a four-year college.